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On this page you can find out hoots’ happenin’ as they say in Campbeltown. We will update this section with trade events, tastings, product launches and much more. Keep your eyes on this if you’re interested in catching up with us on our trips around the world, or just want to find out what we’re up to at the distillery.

Product launch

The Kilkerran 8yo Cask Strength

Kilkerran 8yo Cask Strength is available now.

Released in the UK on Wednesday 12th April 2017, and in other countries/markets in the weeks ahead, the KK 8yo CS is the first limited release bottling from Mitchell’s Glengyle. Matured in 100% bourbon casks, there will be approximately 9,000 bottles available worldwide and you can find your nearest retailer by clicking here.

The Kilkerran Launch took place in Campbeltown on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 August.

The invited attendees included Kilkerran importers from around the world and Kilkerran UK stockists.  The fun included a Launch Dinner which took place at Glengyle Distillery followed by a ceilidh.  Guests were offered the opportunity to malt barley at Springbank Distillery, as well as participate in the production of Kilkerran spirit at Glengyle Distillery.  There was even the chance to watch the bottling of Kilkerran 12 year old.

Product Release

12 August 2016

The Kilkerran Work in Progress Series was completed with the release of WIP 7 sherry and WIP 7 bourbon in 2015.  The current Kilkerran bottling is a 12 year old Kilkerran Single Malt. This is the first core release for Glengyle distillery since it re-opened in 2004 and is available now.  It’s been a long wait, 12 years but worth it.

Trade Events

Coming to an event near you

November 2017

Saturday 11th: Glasgow Whisky Festival at Hampden Park.
Click here to find out more.

Friday 17th + Saturday 18th: Malta Whisky Festival

Saturday 18th: Drambusters – Attended by Ranald Watson and Grant Macpherson.

Saturday 25th: Grant attends Dublin Whisky Live

Thursday 30th: Whiskyschiff Zurich – Ronan Currie and Melanie Stanger will be there representing Kilkerran and Springbank.

January 2018

Friday 12th + Saturday 13th: Grant attends the Harrow Whisky Festival at the Grim’s Dyke Hotel.

Friday 15th – Sunday 21st: Canada Tour – Melanie Stanger is spending this week on tour in Canada. Please see below for details.

15-16th: Edmonton retailer visits and tastings

17th: Edmonton Whisky Festival plus Masterclass

18th: Calgary Whisky Festival

19th: Victoria Whisky Festival plus Masterclass

20th: Vancouver Whisky Classique Masterclass

21st: Vancouver Whisky Classique




Come and taste our whiskies in a place near you

On this page you can find out hoots’ happenin’ as they say in Campbeltown. We will update this section with trade events, tastings, product launches and much more. Keep you eyes on this if you’re interested in catching up with us on our trips around the world, or just want to find out what we’re up to at the distillery.

Open Days

Visit our distillery in May during our open day 


Open Day 2016

This year, another 3 day event has been organised. Under its new official name, the Campbeltown Malts Festival starts on Wednesday 18 May with events at Glen Scotia Distillery,
On Wednesday evening a dinner will take place at Glengyle Distillery.  This event sold out months ago but there is another option available: a quiz at Whisky Macs pub, 4 Shore Street, Campbeltown, PA28 6BS. This starts at 9pm, £2 per player/ £8 for a team of 4. The only rules are no mobile phones and the quiz master is always right.

On Thursday, there are master classes and warehouse tastings planned at Springbank Distillery, these are mostly sold out.  The mini Kilkerran Master Class still has spaces (a trio of 3 Kilkerran single casks are available to taste) at 12.45pm in the Springbank Malt Barns. Tickets should be bought in advance from at £15 per person. There are also free distillery tours running throughout the day.  The Warehouse Bar is returning to Warehouse 15 at Springbank Distillery with some rare samples.  As usual, a selection of stall holders will offer varied items throughout the event. The day will conclude with a  ceilidh in the Springbank Malt Barns.

For the first time on the third and final day of the festival, a series of events will be organised at Mitchell’s Glengyle Distillery. This is to celebrate the distillery’s 12th birthday and the release of Mitchell’s Glengyle’s first core product, a 12 year old Kilkerran Single Malt in August 2016.

Gates open at 11am where there will be a range of varied stalls at Glengyle distillery. The Work in Progress Series Tasting will begin at 12pm at Glengyle distillery. This is already fully booked, however, the afternoon question & answer session still has tickets available.  The panel consists of Frank McHardy (former Director of Production), Gavin McLachlan (Distillery Manager), Stephen Kelly (Clerk of Works) and Melanie Stanger (Sales & Marketing). If you’ve always wondered how to set up a distillery,  this is your chance to chat with people who’ve successfully achieved this.  During the q&a session, 3 Kilkerran whiskies will be enjoyed. The charge for this event is £10 per person,  tickets should be purchased in advance, please contact

In addition to the above whisky events on the Friday, there are alternative non-whisky options.

11 am- Architecture Tour of Campbeltown with David McEwan
2.30 pm- Heritage Tour of Campbeltown with Alex McKinven.
Both of the above tours are taken by volunteers and free of charge. For more information on the above Friday tours, please e-mail or phone 01586 552056.

To conclude the 3 days of events, the Ardshiel Hotel, Campbeltown are offering some musical entertainment, The Coaltown Daisies as part of their ‘A Whisky For the Road’ live tour.  More information is available by phoning the Ardshiel Hotel on 01586 552133.

Open Day 2014

In 2014 we did the Open Day differently. We changed the ‘Day’ to become a three day event, Campbeltown Malt Festival. The festival started on Wednesday the 21st of May with free tours and a master tasting of Glen Scotia distillery. This was the first year all three working distilleries in Campbeltown were taking part in this event. We already have bigger plans for next year!

The Wednesday evening was very busy around hotels and distilleries in Campbeltown. The Ardshiel and Craiggard hotels were hosting whisky dinners with David and Melanie attending and doing a Kilkerran WIP6 tasting at each hotel. The famous Stillhouse Dinner began at 18hrs at Mitchell Glengyle Distillery’s filling store. Here the 33 guests were given a tasting by Pop who had dug out 4 different types of Kilkerran Single Malt. The objective of the tasting was to choose the favorite cask to be bottled for the dinner souvenir. It was a close call but the winning cask was a triple distilled Kilkerran Single Malt, distilled in 2004. Following the tasting the dinner guests were piped by a young, local piper, to be seated in the still house where they were hosted by Frank McHardy and Gavin McLachlan during the meal. The dinner was cooked and prepared by our own Donald Brown of Campbeltown Whisky Shop. Waiting on the guests were the amazing team of Springbank employees, everybody helped out from bottling hall to office staff to family members of staff.

At 20hrs our Ten year Anniversary Ceilidh was kicked off in Glenbarr dry stores, just next door to Mitchell’s Glengyle Distillery. The dry store looked great with tables, fairy lights, a stage with a local ceilidh band and ofcourse the bar. Again, everybody pulled together and got stuck in to get the party started. Mairi Paterson, Springbank Society, was the main engine behind the ceilidh and our open day. She had a busy year planning it all! She did great, the ceilidh was a fabulous evening with locals as well as visitors from all over the world.

Once the still house dinner finished around 21hrs, they moved on to join the fun at the ceilidh. The party went on until midnight, well, that is when the ceilidh stopped. I believe there was a few parties held afterwards in various locations around town.

Thursday the 22nd of May – the Open Day at Springbank distillery. The day started off at 11am, consisting of market stalls, free distillery tours, master classes in malt barn, tastings in warehouses, great food, photo exhibition, music, beer and whisky bars and much much more. We had fantastic weather throughout the day, but the rain made itself known around 5pm so unfortunately there wasn’t much dancing had on the distillery yard. We had the local school pipe band as usual and there was a brilliant musical, dance play performed by the Footnotes – they expressed the story of whisky making through dance, from barley to bottle.

The day finished at 21.30 and as far as I understand, the partying continued in local pubs, hotel rooms and other places.

Friday the 23rd of May was our Golf tournament day. The weather was good for golf, the tournament was held at Machrihanish Golf course, visitors and staff mixed teams. Campbeltown was still buzzing with visitors from all over the world, the whisky shop was busier than ever!

A great event we felt, and we’ve had some lovely feedback from our friends on social media. Do like our facebook page when you get a chance.

Open Day 2013

This years Open Day was held at Springbank Distillery, and it was a great success! We had visitors from every corner of the world present. On the Wednesday night, 22nd May there was a very exclusive dinner held in the Kiln at Springbank. The dinner was hosted by Frank McHardy (Director of Production) and Gavin McLachlan (Distillery manager of Springbank and Mitchell’s Glengyle). Wine, champagne and very special whisky was drunk and a delicious meal with Scottish delicatessen was consumed. Everybody left the kiln with a smile on their face.

The Open day started at 11am on the 23rd of May, there was a market on the bottling hall carpark with local businesses displaying their goods, a beer tent serving Loch Fyne Ales and a special Brew called Fynebank, beer brewed using Springbank malted barley! We had live music, Alan Anderson (the Whisky Stand up comedian), tours of both distilleries and a huge BBQ.

On the Friday, for the brave, there was the annual golf competition at Machrihanish golfcourse. There were some sore heads, but the fresh air did them all the good!


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On this page you can find out hoots’ happenin’ as they say in Campbeltown. We will update this section with trade events, tastings, product launches and much more. Keep you eyes on this if you’re interested in catching up with us on our trips around the world, or just want to find out what we’re up to at the distillery.